Friday, June 17, 2011

Do not marry if you did not ready yet

I was walking down the road when I heard a sound of shouting. I turned to look what was going on. Then I saw a woman was mad at her husband and said something bad to him. Her husband was trying to hold her hand and said 'Im sorry, I love you.." But she ignored and pretended like nothing was happened.

Hey beautiful lady. If you still did not realize who was in front of you, let me remind you. He's your husband, your loyal husband! Who are you to rise up your voice? Don't you know how worst it is if you did not respect him? You can't find a good people in a cheap store. Do appreciate of what you have, if not you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Semoga kelak aku bukan seperti itu.....

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  1. bawak2 lah berbincang kan.. nanti majlis kawen.. buat area selamgor jea taw.. senang aku nak datang.. bahahah..

  2. nifi : be a good wife ok, insha allah :)

    en tikus: bila masa plak aku nak kwen ngn org slngor. haha. aku nk kawen ngn omputeh, mjlis kt oversea

  3. dosa besar menjerit2 kat suami..

  4. hehe . belum kawen lagi . tapi will be :D