Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Photography Contest!

Do you like vintage? Do you like old style? Do you like classic tone?

Why don't you try to join this contest?

Maybe you are the one who will be on the top!

For more info, visit here.

  1. Follow her blog (it will be more easy to get the latest update of the contest)
  2. Put the contest header in your entry.
  3. Minimum picture that can be used : ONE and maximum - THREE.
  4. The picture/pictures should look VINTAGE! (can be edit)
  5. Use your own picture, do not use others.
  6. You can use any picture of yourself, it doesn't matter if you don't have dslr picture or 'photo shoot' picture as long as you think that the picture is good enough for this contest.
  7. You can use picture of yourself alone / together with your friends.
  8. Put the link of your contest entry in the comment box below.
  9. Then tag 3 of your friends.
  10. Due date: 30th June 2011. 
  11. The prizes will be given to THREE winners with the best pictures.

Good luck! ;-)

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  1. ya allah..terima kasih kak izma..
    speechless da rasa...thank you so much:)
    thanks support saya:)