Saturday, May 21, 2011

There is a story of...

There is a story of a man..
who always kept his feeling towards his friend
until the day she got married
He decided to tell the truth and..
she felt that it’s a good joke for her wedding

There is a story of a man..
who has never told his wife how much he loves her
until the day she passed away
until now, he keeps sending flowers to her grave everyday
with thousand kisses on the card saying ‘I Love You’..
Would she be able to know?

There is a story of a girl…
who always needed a hug from her daddy
but she was too shy to ask for
until the day she can never hug him anymore..

Yet, there is a story of a girl..
who loves her bestfriend so much,
sharing a lot of joy together,
waiting for the day to meet,
but they can't make it even at once,
until the day she can never hear the laugh anymore...

A lot of stories happen everyday
You could know what had happen yesterday
How can you be sure what will happen tomorrow?
Think of something you never say..
Are you waiting until the day?

While you reading this,
if someone appears in your mind,
please do what you always want to do if you don’t want
to lose them...!

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  1. ucap..buat sebelum terlmbt:)

    b strong n appreciate org yg msih ade dgn kita~