Sunday, May 1, 2011

#Day 9 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

Current relationship???

Oh. I'm single.

How single life is?

To be honest, sometimes I did feel alone especially when I was not in a good condition yet I needed someone to talk to. However, I still have family and friends to share with. So it's not a deal at all right?

Straight to the point. Being single means that you have your own life and privacy to think about. In fact, you have to think triple and make your own decision. What I mean here is I have to be independent and decide everything by my own. Before I broke up with my ex, I used to ask his opinions, suggestions or share with him although it was the small thing/matter. So, when I'm single, I don't have him to refer to and I have to take a risk, come up with my own responsibility. Then I learn how to be independent and mature. Everytime I face some kind of difficult situation, I will list down all pro and cons before I choose the best decision/result.  Alhamdullilah, after a long time, I manage to cope with a lot of situation alone. Actually it is HIM who always give me strength and help me through the ways.  Thanks God, thanks dear lovely family and friends. (being emotional for a minute. lol )

Umm.. what else?

Oh. I'm single, so I'm free to do anything that I want. No more heart feeling. In other words, no more heart to take care off.

One last thing. Nak korek hidung pun takde orang kisah.


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  1. kak oghe comey, korek tai idung pun napok comey! hik3..

  2. haha..kalo ade kapel sporting,bley je korek idung depan2..pedulikk.. :p

  3. emiey: come kot celoh mane dop hau :P

    yuss: haha try wt dpn mr korean ;)