Thursday, April 14, 2011

What will you do?

At last, I'm home. Yes, I'm home! It's such a great feeling to be here after a long time struggling with those assignments, research and exam.

I had to handle form 6 students in their academic camp this morning. Since I'll be an English teacher the next year, so I took this opportunity to help them in improving their English language.

From my observation, they were good in writing but when it came into speaking, they pronounced the words wrongly. Well I should say that they pronounced the word badly, until we could not even understand what they tried to say. It might be okay if they were 6-year-old students but they were already form 6! I wondered what the teacher taught them when they were in primary and secondary school. Frankly speaking, I felt so bad.. *sigh* When my friends and I did the research last month, we found out that some teachers did not give their fully attention to those who did less performance in the classroom. Teachers are the one who should motivate them, not bring them down! Wake up all teachers!

After spending time for almost a day with them, I realize that they can go further as long as we (teachers) guide them and help them in their academic. Insha Allah. When I become a teacher later, I will make sure each of my students perform better in this subject. Ameenn..

This job really affects my physical and mental as well. One thing that still lingers in my mind until now. Before I went back, one student came to me and said:

 "Teacher, teacher ni lawa la. Jom datang rumah, kita tidur semalaman."


Budak-budak sekarang memang patut kasik penampaq!

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  1. even u didn't use the correct grammar..

  2. yep, i made mistakes for sometimes. thanks for the reminder

  3. mostly pon mcm tu izma,kite xleh expect tinggi tp sbg cikgu,kalian kena tlg mereka tak kira la ape umo mereka sbb certain org malu bila disuruh ckp,sbb tu xbole improve..dah lama2 praktis okila..:)

    yg bab kuang jaq tu,hurm kena tegas sikitla..dan tegurlah sikap die tu dgn cara yg hikmah^^ i noe u can do it !

  4. holaaaaaa! berani nya ah kate gitu. budak...budak....

  5. alexa: tu la.. izma ksian tgk diorg. diorg ade minat nak blaja. bersungguh2 diorg wat task td. tp syg mybe diorg takde pluang nk tunjuk or practice what they know.. huhu.. part lucah tu mmg takleh blah la. nsib baik la tak hilang sabar. haduii..

    kasih: huhu taw takpe. da tak respect cikgu da budak2 zmn skrg

  6. satu cabaran tu kak, utk trus mendidik yg lain dgn lbih baik menggunakan ape yg tlh kite plajari ;)

  7. wohoho..cikgu sekang ni dah lupe mendidik..mereka mengajar dan bukan lagi mendidik..