Monday, April 18, 2011


I got my stuff last friday. The problem was I only finished/cleaned up a few things, not all. Oh I already opened two boxes of my clothes. See.

However there are 2 big boxes of clothes that I don't even open yet! I'm going crazy because of those stuff! What am I going to do with those dresses/blouses? Where should I put them? My room is full with lots of things and I don't think that there's enough space for them. Urgh. I know what you think. Yes, I'm a shopaholic.

Oww do you want to know what did they say?

Mom: If you sold your stuff out, the money that you got will be enough for your 'hantaran'.

Aunty: You should be sent to rural area. Then you will never think of buying the new cloth!

Granny: During my time, girls only wear baju kurung and kebaya. Kids nowaday don't know how to spend their money wisely. Bla bla bla...

There's something wrong with me. I need to change. Gosh, I need to throw away this habit. It is a MUST!

p/s: Guys, if you want to marry me, you better think thrice.

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  1. ur adik ni lak say : klu leh buat posing depe crmin meta pun xpo dah ni, haha

    err, size kite beda kan, i rendah.sob3 =.='

  2. huhu tu la. size tak sama. nk bg kat org pn susah because im too thin! :(

  3. dah boleh bukak pre-loved boutique .
    banyak woahh !

  4. hurm.kali gitu gak..acu gi skoloh anok yatim hok ado puwe ko..

  5. simpan je yg tu tapi jgn tambah2 lagi oke!! :)

    yes,u shud change it..simpan duet buat kawen sbb saya nak makan nasi minyak anda..haha:p

  6. nk tumpang promote jap bleh?=)

    jomlah beramai-ramai memeriahkan 'Contest Kisah Chentaku'.Hadiah menarik menanti anda =D :

  7. innz: agak ar. mmg nk bukak pn. haha

    halusinasi: yup.. adei *_*

    alexa: ntah2 kite pi mkn nasi myk alexa dlu! ;)

    nurul: sila2