Friday, March 4, 2011

New Job

Oh hello people. How do you do? How's your day?

Actually I'm quite bored as I am the one who has to 'handle' a booth in IIUM. This booth belongs to Get Gorgeous Boutique. Since sis Azlia and sis Allia Idha have some works to do, so I'm willing to help them for this last day. Oww this is my second experience of being a salesgirl! Well try me, I get a lot of sales today. *wink* ;-)

Umm nothing much that I can tell here. I do edit some photo while waiting for the customers. So here it goes.

 yeah I'm a little vampire!
p/s: I guess this pic is enough to make u insomnia. hahaha =P

So far there's around 34 contestants for SMYP contest. Thank you so much for all supports and loves! Sorry I did not comment your entries because I still did not find enough time to write/comment. Actually there's a lot of thing to be shared! But I promise I'll visit one by one properly so that the judgement will be fair enough. Again thank you so so so so much. Have a nice day. Love ya <3

p/s: I have a photo shoot session with Sony tomorrow. Wish me best of luck! XOXO

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  1. waduh..ejah amsok gambar tu esok..eehe

  2. aida: thanks! :)

    fathiah: jom2

    jiji: haish malu ehsnk upload

  3. side income yg kencang...
    tq if u singgah tengok :)