Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yasalma Fashion Show

Actually this is the 'old' fashion show. I think it was in January 2011. Sorry I can't remember the details, Im so tired. So let's the pictures speak more than words.

special thanks to Kak Jannah (Jannah Heaven Modelling Agency) ♥
Function : Glitters & Glamour Hi-tea Puspanita KBS
Wardrobe & hijab : Yasalma Collections
MUA : Umzarul

 All of us. I'm the one with pink.

 My first dress to be showed up.

 Second dress for show.

 The third a.k.a the last dress for the fashion show. 

 And I love this dress so much!

 With sweetest Farah.

 Stage candid.


 After the show.

 I'm a green apple! ;-)

 Just ignore the tired faces of mine.

 Me and adorable Farah Zulaikha

 3 stoges

 Before going back. So-tak-ikhlas-face. Yes, I'm tired and I just want to sleep like log.

All pictures owned by professional photographers and my friends. So don't you dare to copy or do any harm because you will regret it to hell. Trust me. Thank you.

Good night beloved followers and readers. Do pray for my next mid term exam and assignments as well. Love ya. Take care.

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  1. cantik2 pakaian and orang yang memperagakannya..suka tengok perempuan cantik..

  2. lawa ouh bju bju.. (:
    suke yang pink tuu..

  3. semua cantek2...suka tgk baju n org yg cantek..

  4. tak sabar nk pakai baju dari yasalma sbtu ni..great event with great designer... =)