Thursday, February 3, 2011

This blog had moved one step from 

Salam.. Hello beloved followers and readers. As you noticed here, I decided to have my own domain as it will be easy for people to search and look through my blog. This blog is still under construction because I don't upload the photos of fashion show and photo shoot yet. In addition, there's a lot of things need to be arrange and manage properly. Give me some time, and I promise I will do it as soon as possible. Fyi, this blog will represent as my portfolio too because every information will be included here for reference from photographers, mua, fashion designers or other people as well. With hope, I wish for all supports and love from you. Thanks! :-)

p/s: I have to re-add your blog link because after my link changed, it seemed like the blog list had disappeared. So if you want to exchange link, please drop you link here. (post a comment) =)

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  1. kak jema.



    ooh btw! jeless ooh dah ada domain sendiri -___-

  2. congratez akak! one step forward! :D

  3. wah!!tahniah syg.. dah ada domain dah.. alhamdulillah.. maju setapak ke hadapan :) wish for the best in future.. gudluck

  4. wow
    i fans u
    mahaha ;p
    knl tak sapa aku??

  5. cik izma..
    nk tkr2 link..