Saturday, November 27, 2010


The most precious gift for parents in life. They were born with the pure and sincere heart, the bless from the Almighty. I do love them because they are the colours of our live. Without them there will be no laugh, no tears, and no fun at all. Sometimes they make us laugh to death, sometimes they make us cry to hell. Yet they love to ask a lots of questions as they want to know everything in their world. They just can't stop thinking until they get the answers which can satisfy them the most. Hence, they tend to keep asking and repeating the same questions even though we already gave them the exact answers.

Yesterday I watched the news and it was about the child abuse. I wonder why people are so damned cruel as they hurt those innocent children for their own sakes. What's wrong with them? Don't they feel the pain and the tears? Don't they know how to treat children well? Are they a human or a cold-hearted mutant? And why? I don't understand why those people are still exist in this world. Urgh I really hate them. They ruin the life of the children! When they abuse them, the pain will remain for the rest of their life. Thus, they destroys their development and  emotions as well. As a result, most of them lost their hopes and happiness. For some cases, they were being abused until their last breathe. What the hell! How could they do that! Pffttt.

I still remember one of my lecturer had mentioned that we should give the children the best childhood time.  At the young age, they don't know how to differentiate between the good and the bad. So let them discover and learn by their mistakes. Childhood time is one the memory which they will never forget until they die. Thus, we as the adult should educate them, spread love to them so that they will know how to love people around them and appreciate what they have. Teach them what they should and shouldn't do. Don't you ever hurt them because you might tore their heart out. Talk slowly with them, tell them why it is wrong. Remember they are the one who will pray for you until the end of their life. Love them as well as you love yourselves. Let us pray for their safety. Insha Allah God will bless them always..
Children are adorable right? See;

 Omg! That's super duper cool! I want a son like him!
Can I? Plz-99x

Oh this boy is going to break a lot of hearts *_* 
Too cute to be hurt!

 I wish I could have a daughter like this too, sweetie pie!

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