Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear blog,

There's something missing in my heart.. I can feel the pain.. it is the light of the soul called iman.. Ramadhan goes by from time to time.. but Im still the same, lost in the deep breathe.. too many assignments, tests, mid-term exam and research to be done..They keep burdening me and I suffered in silence.. I miss my family so much.. My world starts to fall apart.. my grandpa had passed away few days ago.. then my brother fall and he's still in the hospital..No one care as my parents, my uncle, my grandparents are in Makkah for the umrah.. Even my brothers and my sister cried like there was no tomorrow.. they keep calling me and ask me to go home.. and I keep telling them don't worry, kakak will be home soon.. don't be sad, kakak will take care all of u.. what should I do? what should I say anymore? If I could, I wanna be there now but I can't skip the semantic test and all assignments! argh.. headache.. Oh God in heaven, plz take care of my siblings.. bless them with joyful, secure them from any trouble and bad things.. I pray for You Ya Allah.. plz make things easy for me.. help me to settle down everything.. Amiinn Ya Rabbal Alamiin..

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  1. sabar la byk2 ae..Allah tgh menguji ko 2.sume yg Allah bg de hikmah ny..tgu dgn sabar k kwn.=)

  2. sabar banyak2 izma... semua tu dugaan Allah nak bagi. everything will be ok ;)