Sunday, July 18, 2010

thirty = 30

thanks to nad, kwn network ak yg comel ;)
byk seh 30 things bout me nak kena type. btw, I'll try my best k!

30 Things About Me

1. An English teacher-to-be
2. A part time model
3. Active and secretive
4. Adore fashion so much
5. Single and available (ade berani?hahaha)
6. Love photography as well as photoshoots
7. I wish I could be a great guitarist
8. I dream of a bright future
9. I want to achieve more than what I am now
10. I eat a lots! but never gain weight (sigh) T.T
11. I want to be taller than now. Can I?
12. I'm mixed, my granny is hindi-pakistan-malay, but I guess I look more into malay
13. Tanned skin
14. Dark brown eyes
15. I do think in positive ways, avoid thinking -ve
16. I'm homesick! Nk balikkk...
17. I don't want to go back to Maktab!
18. I hope I can further my study to oversea. Amiinn
19. I love to make friends, meet new people outside ;)
20. I'll be grad on 2012. Lambat gile nk abis :(
21. I'm shopaholic! Weird huh
22. Once you betray me, I will not trust you anymore
23. I want a mini cooper! Anyone plz =P
24. Ouh I've a gastric, that's why I need to eat on time
25. I was a boyish who turn into girlish, in a way to become ladies. Hahaha poyo jek
26. Talkative, sometimes can be a quiet person especially when I'm in a new place with new people
27. I wish I could meet the prophet
28. Im the first in my family, that's why Im stubborn and strict
29. Puctual
30. I love my family and friends so much! God bless them ;)

Ok that's all. Dear beloved readers and blogger, do tag yourself for this post okay ;)

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