Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Boys

Happy birthday to you,
You were born in the zoo,

with the monkeys and kangaroo,

and the monkeys love you~

Happy Birthday for both of you! Sorry for the late entry. Lately I was so buzy and I did not have enough time to write. Yet I was involved with the English Camp for primary school. But I'm never forget those date okay! =) May God bless both of you in every seconds of your life.. Oh I wish I could have a lil time to celebrate your birthday..Unfortunately I did not be able to do that.. =(
However, knowing that you are happy is enough to make me feel better ;)

19/07/1988 - Naim

24/07/1989 - Danny


p/s : under adversity I miss my friends so much...

Like tanda Sayang

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