Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poison of Life

Im home. and already bought the new broadband.
Well I've been searching for this thing the whole day.
At last, I chose the one wif the package plus the contract.
Fyi, it came wif the package of rm68 for a month.
Meaning that I have to use this package for one year (it's a contract!) and I can't change to other plan including the student plan. sob3 T.T
First, I prefer to buy modem and register the student package. But the modem cost around rm299. Damn expensive!
Then they offer me this package : RM75 wif free modem and one year contract. If I stop using or terminate it within one year, I have to pay so-called penalty : RM350. Weird huh.
But i've no choice. The only broadband that make me satisfy enough is celcom (although it doesn't). Maxis is suck. No coverage, limited dowloading.
Those are enough to make my hair gone.
My friends said it doesn't worth at all coz the student plan just m50.So i lost rm18 per month.
However, I've total up that rm18 X 12 months = rm216.
Look. It's cheaper than the cost for a modem. So I would rather choose the contract one than spending money for the damned modem. Oww life is so unfair! :(

worldcup limited edition celcom broadband
(broadband, 1G pendrive, ball)

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  1. ish~ gile modem die... huu...yg kasut kecik 2 pe??? pendrve??
    :) limited ek... menarik gile~

  2. yup.pendrive 1G.
    limited edition br kuar april 2010.
    tp aku x suke sbb kne sign contract.
    setahun aku kna pkai rm68.
    xleh tkr package student.
    klu stop kne denda rm350.
    klu broadbnd rosak kne denda gak.
    gile gile gile.ak bnci celcom!! T.T

  3. owh... kedengaran agak 'berat' d ctu... bertahn laa weit... tuk setahun... ngeee~