Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Skating

Morning people :)
New entry. So I want to share my experience on ice skating. Have u ever try it?
Well u must try it. It's really great! and of course it's too fun. I guess so. Haha.
At first I couldn't be able to balance myself. Thus, I fell down more than 10x!
Pity me. sob3 T.T
After that I could move around slowly as my friends help me to stand.
There's a time when we laugh out loudly as most of us were fell at the same time.
Sakit w0o~
plus I had a lil bit injured and back pain too. My cristal bracelet broke down into pieces after I fell. Huwaaaa..
Btw, it doesn't matter as long as we all enjoy this precious moment!
Thank you guys for cheering me up! I love u all!! ;)

my cristal bracelet =(

yay! dpt angpaw~

* my gloves *

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  1. huuuuuiii~~ dengki,cemburu,teringin mencOba, wahh!..xterungkap dgn perkataan..hehe..lutut tu tuam dgm air suam pnas..InsyaAllah okay. jgn biar je..xelok..

  2. haha..
    nti sy upah awk urut sy yek ;)