Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leaving the blues

Here it begins.2010.new year.new life.new hope.and NEW ME.

Hello people. First of all, I'm izma. I dont care about people. Neither do I care about u. Im a sinner. Thus, Im in the process of inhealing myself. I know I made a lot of mistakes. Living in a community that always talk behind my back and make me feel down is enough for me to learn something -> I shouldn't trust anyone now. plus most of the people just used me for their own sakes. When they are in trouble, they'll find me or asking for some help. Then they'll leave as there's nothing happen between us. Well in other word they stabbed my back. Gosh I can't forgive these people. And they are even worse than the bitch. Wtf. Whatever it is, just forgive them even they are not sorry. Pls stay out of my life.

Second lesson. I learn how to appreciate myself as I still have some friends that I can trust. Thanks to sheni eyzey moon aya ame for being with me in any complicated situation. At least I know I still have them to cheer me up and make me feel better. Although sometimes we have some fight but it doesnt matter as long as we still appreciate each other. I love you guys ;)

Next, my academic performance. I dont know whether I can score or get the first class pointer for this sem because all subjects seem like complicated to understand. Thus, I need to do a lot of reading, make research for my thesis and bla3. It's a lil bit burden to me but it's okay as long as I keep standing. Well I wont give up easily. Life is not a problem to solve but a gift to cherish. Oh I miss my family so damn much :(

p/s : Do pray for me. I need to achieve my goals! =)

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  1. (nad&ayob)we r olweys behind u!

  2. thanks dear!
    love u both.and i'll pray for ur happiness =)