Sunday, April 26, 2009


For me, friendship is the everlasting features in this world. Of course we have family who love us the most, but somehow rather the other one who can stay with us in whatever condition will be our closest friends eventhough they dont relate to our blood/relative.There's a few people whom i heart the most. They mean the world to me. Without them, there'll be no tomorrow for me.

Naim, Adam , Danny, Peja, Manje, Lin, Piqa. I've known these people for many years. We've been together in any situation. And I really appreciate every seconds of our moments together.

Naim. I'd known him since I was 14. Frankly speaking, I did not know him well at first until we met again in 2007. Then I realised that we were born in the same world, same year, so that's why we can understand each other. He's more matured than me, funny, softhearted, loving+caring+bullying, but sometimes can be so shy till I rase nk muntah.haha. But he's my shoulder to cry on, the one to rely on.And even when all people in the world dump me, I know he's the one who'll be with me.

Adam, the one who can accept me as well as I am, the one who support me when I was down. We share a lot of moments together as we share the same interest of musics. and the same favourite food too. dh mmg dua2 kaki He's die hard fan of metal. And maybe that influence me so much.haha. dnt ged mad dude. I learn lots of things from u. U teach me how the real world is and inspired me so much even u always speak terabur yg aku mmg x phm mende pn.aiseymem~

Danny. A kid who's in the ultraman and masked rider world.haha.sory danny~ ;P hey people u should meet him cause his smile is so sweet ;) Sometimes he can be so garang and sometimes too kind till I wanna kick him out.haha. But that's him. Our only danny. this boy is fanatic of japan and korean songs only. and he can speak chinese. try him then u'll know how gud he is.

Peja, shy shy boy I ever He's kinda gilak2 but can be the 'skema' one especially in front of the gurl.haha. But he's cool dude. Never see he get mad or in other word - 'mengamuk'. hee~ he's the one who still in our beloved country.haha. peja, wait ek. we'll be home for this holiday & we'll take u to go out ;)

Manje. the soft girl.hehe. tp die baek. love to shop cute2 things. always talk to her teddy yg besar gile nk mampos.1 katil pn x muat dowh~ haha.sory kutuk ur bear. but i can depends on this girl as she always help me whenever i caught into trouble.

Lin. the rock one. Meet her jodoh with pantai timur boy named Pali. and can speak 3 language : Malay baku-kelantan-trngganu. that's why I can mencarut2 in front of her coz she can understand me.haha. Her nickname - Lin mafia, se mafia as she is. So dont u ever try to get trouble wif her or else u will get pnumbuk at ur face.

Piqa. my-exdeskmates. We share a lot of things together. But time changes. people change. hurm.. I dunno. We all have our own problem. And that why we change. We can't turn back time. and sometimes I feel like maybe we can't be close like before. However, our memories will be lingers in my mind forever. Just pray for your happiness. and May God bless you in evrything u do.

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  1. time changes.We can't turn back time..dats be close or not like u said,we try d best..evrybody got problems..i knw..but human cn plan till then Allah's plan is better..sumtimes He gves a gap 2 us to make us rflect what we've done..sumtimes,He gves back our time 2 be 2gether..friendship will nver end till we choose to end it..aite?=) dun srabut2..

  2. im not srabut2.
    well friendship may nver end.
    but people change. we dunno the future.
    today they are our bestfrend.but mybe tomorrow they'll betray us. who knows rite?

  3. Yay! Ado gamba aku~ hahahaha

  4. haha.msti doh.mum kan saim aku jgk ;)

  5. hohoho

    sayo hadop pom sinim...kui3